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  Surgical Procedures

   Shoulder surgery

   Elbow/wrist and hand surgery

   Hip replacement surgery

   Knee surgery

   Foot/ankle surgery

   Ophthalmic surgery

   Breast surgery

Block Techniques


Learning UGRA

Basic ultrasound technique

Perineural catheter technique

Ambulatory perineural catheters


Upper Limb

Interscalene block

Infraclavicular block

Distal median/radial/ulnar blocks

Lower Limb

Lumbar plexus block

Femoral block

Obturator block

Sciatic block

Parasacral block

Ankle block

Saphenous block

LFCN block


Neuraxial ultrasound

Paravertebral block

Abdominal wall anatomy

Transversus abdominis plane (TAP) block

Ilioinguinal block

Rectus sheath block


Novel Blocks

Adductor canal block for TKJR

Hamstrings block

Thoracic wall blocks (PECS block)



Controversies in Regional Anaesthesia

Safe LA dosing

Aseptic technique for regional anesthesia

In-plane vs. out-of-plane techniques

Concomitant neurostimulation

Adjuvants for SS blocks

Ultra-low volume nerve blocks

Needle choice for peripheral nerve blocks

Performing regional anaesthesia in unconscious patients

Avoiding block related neurological complications

Neurological symptoms after regional block

Nerve architecture: a perspective on the intraneural versus extraneural controversy

Deliberate intraneural injection

Surgery under awake regional vs. combined regional/general anaesthesia



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